13 Cats That Hate Mondays  More Than You Do

13 Cats That Hate Mondays More Than You Do

October 27, 2017


black and white angry cat hate monday

Henry had too much Jager last night and is not looking forward to getting into his mid 90's Hyundai and commuting to work. But he will do it anyways.


burning light

Jared's girlfriend just flipped on the lights at 4:30am because thats just what she does. 


try me cat

Terrence hates how his co-workers  


laziest cat ever

Cindy works at a clothes rack factory but the hours are long and the work is hard.


hungover cat

Tabby knows that the next 30 years will be exactly like today.


fluffy cat

Oscar doesn't care.


screaming cat

Sarah got served decaf... again.


evil cat

Doug will always looks like this.


Jim said he only wanted a trim. Now he has built in boots.


Another late night at the plant. Someones gotta put food on the table.


Its yearbook picture day at school and Gizmo just wasn't ready.


The forecast said sunny. It rained cats and dogs. George will never trust the weatherman again.


Jose has the kids on Mondays. They can be quite the handful.



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